Our vision of special machine construction

Our areas of expertise

Our vision of special machine construction is to design and manufacture machines for our customers that not only serve a specific purpose, but also have the following characteristics in all phases from conception, realization and production to use by the customer: effectiveness, cost optimization, sustainability, reliability, individuality and compatibility with many other systems available on the market.

We provide a platform for our customers to design their products with our experience potential for automation and to optimize and maintain processes according to their production requirements. We offer our customers special solutions tailored to their needs, which give them competitive advan-tages and unique selling points – while taking into account an optimal price/performance ratio for their automation requirements.

Based on our many years of experience in automation, we can provide customers with an early assessment of the feasibility and costs of automation projects or special-purpose machines in order to provide customers with an early basic assessment, further detailed analysis and subsequent project structuring for profitable automation solutions.

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