Our standards

Experience - a building block for a trusting cooperation
Company with over 20 years of experience in special machine construction

AEF is characterized by 20 years of experience, high commitment, fast and reliable implementation in projects. Added to this are technical excellence, a high level of creativity in combination with customer-oriented working methods and a willing-ness to realize individual wishes.

We also have international project experience and have already successfully implemented projects in these countries:



      North Macedonia



      Czech Republic



North America


      United States





Quality - the basis without compromise
experienced employees in all areas - own vertical range of manufacture of 99% - modern machinery in machining and erosion - long-term reliable partners - proven own components
Flexibility - the appropriate implementation of the respective task
From small units up to complex production lines

Conveying units with round plate system and precision weighing technology

semi-automatic production line

Integration capability - the complete solution
Joining techniques
  • resistance and laser welding, MacGregor welding technology
  • Colophoning and soldering
  • Screw and rivet units
  • Gluing, foaming and potting
  • Hot stamping
Marking and labelling techniques
  • Laser marking of plastic and metal parts
  • pad printing
  • Needle embossing systems
  • Cable Cabling
  • Labelling

Robot with ultrasonic cutting head

Test and measurement technology
  • EOL measurements
  • Camera systems
  • Weighing Technology
Integration of robotics
  • Scara Robot
  • articulated arm robot

Scara robot in dual principle

Promptness - short direct routes without hurdles
All services under one roof with an experienced team

From the first concept to the delivery of a special machine to the customer, a tight and clear conceptual design and implementation of the project is the top priority.

Sustainability - the building block of durability
The cornerstone of AEF GmbH comes from mechanical construction, the basis of every functioning unit

5-axis simultaneous milling