Quality and environmental policy of AEF GmbH

„Customer satisfaction is our top priority“

AEF GmbH is committed to consistently apply and continuously improve the quality management system. Our quality policy is defined by the management. This is regularly reviewed for its appropriateness and adequacy and adjusted if necessary. The company principles of quality management are fixed components of our company policy, because they are the foundations of our long-term successful business activity. In order to check the quality management system and to document the quality striving of AEF GmbH, the management has decided on a certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.


AEF GmbH wants to be the best partner for its customers. A well-functioning quality and environmental management system is therefore a basic prerequisite for the company to meet the quality requirements for deliveries and services unerringly and economically. Quality means for us to fulfill the expressed as well as the unexpressed customer expectations and to exceed them if possible.


Qualified, performance-conscious employees are the basis of the company’s success. All employees are obliged to bring their activities and their work results in line with the specifications of this management system and to maintain them. The management and all employees undertake to take all measures to implement and maintain the quality and environmental policy, as well as to ensure the achievement of the quality and environmental goals and to verify this.


An indispensable part for AEF GmbH are the suppliers. We see them rather as partners and therefore maintain an open, fair and informative communication style. It is important to us to continue to give preference to regional suppliers. We set high quality standards for our suppliers and support them in pursuing our common quality goals. The selection of suppliers is not only a question of price, but even more important for us is a long-term and fair partnership.


The environmental policy of AEF GmbH is described in the framework of the company policy. The environmental policy defines the obligation of the management to fulfill all relevant legal requirements, to avoid and continuously improve environmental impacts and thus forms the framework for the definition and evaluation of environmental goals. The stipulations of the environmental policy apply to the entire AEF GmbH company. The reduction of environmental impacts is a direct company goal.